Proceeds from our event enable us to support Foothill High School in a variety of unique ways for different programs and activities.



Run the Hill was able to financially contribute to the purchase of the new pop up tent for Foothill High School's cross country team. The cross country team planned and set up the race course for our inaugural race in 2018.



After seeing the excitement at the beginning of a football game from a video at another local high school where the stands were packed with students and fans from the community, we decided to use their tactics...After the first home game at Foothill, every home football game started off with the presentation of blue and gold colored smoke bombs accompanying students and football players rushing into the field to start the game! Towards the last few football games at the end of the season, students were expecting to see the smoke bombs! Let's just say the feedback we received was positive to say the least!

Last home football game at Foothill for the 2018 season!

Check out this great video

An Eggciting Surprise....

A new mascot finds it's home at Foothill

Students patiently waiting for their Falcon egg to hatch!

Foothill needed a creative way to present its new what better way than to hatch it out of its own egg!

A new B-egging...

The custom egg frame was fabricated by Custom Wrought Iron Gates and Metal Fabrication.

All funding for the fabrication of the falcon egg was provided from Run the Hill! Because of our sponsors...Run the Hill was able to make this vision into a reality for our school!

Students were given the opportunity to help create the egg.


Students spent a few hours over a couple days helping with the paper mache process of the egg's shell

Final Stages


The egg was given several layers of drywall cement 

Time for paint


The egg received its custom paint job and finishing touches.

Ready to hatch!


Egg hatching took place at Foothill's first tail gate party!


Foothill's new mascot finally hatches! Students and our #ONEHILL community gathered around eggcited to see their new mascot! The custom falcon egg is the very first falcon egg prop the school has ever had in it's 20 years of running. The students now have the falcon egg to use at future events in years to come!


Foothill High School's First Tailgate party!


Because of our sponsors...Run the Hill was able to provide all the food for the tailgate party for 400 students and our #ONEHILL community.

EVERYONE IN OUR #OneHill Community was invited to attend


Anyone in our community is apart of our #ONEHILL community and all were invited to attend. This included students, family and friends from our feeder elementary and middle schools and the general members in our community who want to show their support for their local high school. 

2nd Annual #OneHill Serve Day 2018

Our #OneHill community held Foothill High School's 2nd Annual Serve day 2018.

Promoting Pride and Ownership

Our #ONEHILL community held it's 2nd Annual Serve day 2018 for Foothill High School. Anyone from students, teachers, faculty and members of our community were invited to attend. Serve day is a day where everyone comes together to serve Foothill High School by sprucing up the campus. 


Time to Paint!

At Serve Day over 200 people attended! All volunteers were divided into different groups serving different areas of the school cleaning, picking up gum and trash and sprucing up the grounds. A parent was asked to lead  a group to paint positive phrases and uplifting words of encouragement in the main bathrooms of the school and with funding from RUN THE HILL...ALL of the commercial grade paint and supplies were provided for the group, enabling the students to create their artwork on the bathroom stalls. 

Adolescence and being in high school in general, is hard enough as it is. Time and time again, stories are told of students hiding in bathroom stalls at school because they are lonely, depressed, scared and even crying. Sometimes all it might take to cheer someone up is to be in the presence of what better way than to see it in the bathroom at school!

Students serving our school on Serve Day 2018

For the #ONEHILL Serve Day 2018, students had a blast painting positive words and encouraging messages on the stalls of the bathrooms in the main quad area of Foothill High School. We were grateful we had the ability to provide materials needed for this special project and we couldn't do it without our sponsors.